12 June 2012


Barbie, the first “adult” doll in history, for over 50 years a byword for style, elegance and glamour, chooses to wear TWIN-SET Simona Barbieri for a very special partnership with Cosmopolitan, a partnership arising from the “Barbie Play with Fashion” project. 

For the first issue of the PLAY WITH FASHION project with Cosmopolitan, Barbie chose a short dress designed by Simona Barbieri in order to be glamorous, trendy and feminine.
Impalpable materials embellish the dress: the elegance of soft fabrics, materials enriched with laminate crochet edges and the fringed knit skirt make the outfit at the same time romantic and extremely fashion.

A doll made real by a unique style with attention to the smallest detail: the boots and the bag define a total look in full TWIN-SET style.  Barbie’s clothes and accessories were hand created by Magia 2000 (Mario Paglino and Gianni Grossi), Barbie’s official stylists in Italy.
A One of a Kind doll created just for this occasion marks the union in perfect harmony between these two brands: Simona Barbieri transforms and reinvents in a modern key the look of the most popular doll ever and Barbie interprets perfectly the TWIN-SET summer collection. 

The very exclusive and unique TWIN-SET Barbie will feature in the June issue of Cosmopolitan and can be viewed in the window of the TWIN-SET concept store at 34, via Manzoni for one week starting on June 27, a unique opportunity to see the ultimate fashion icon interpret and play with fashion as only she can. 

Barbie is wearing boots in split leather with knitted lurex leg  

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